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Scents Made Sense Throughout the Ages

Perfumes and other scents have been part of human history for centuries. Before it became a common fashion staple in modern times, perfume was reserved for the nobility and upper classes mainly because they were expensive and hard to come by. Over the centuries, different civilizations used fragrances and perfumes in different ways.

Early perfume was made using natural materials such as bark, wood, roots, leaves, flowers and seeds. The first evidence of perfume making began in Egypt and Mesopotamia and was then picked up by the Persians and the Romans. These civilizations often turned fragrant materials into balms to use in religious ceremonies or to anoint their bodies. Myrrh and frankincense were extracted from trees and made into incense while other plants like rose and peppermint were infused in oils.

As trade routes spread, a wider variety of scents could be used, such as exotic spices and herbs. These items were often stilled in water and made into aromatherapy products.

Each ancient culture had different uses for perfume and fragrance. Most used perfume and incense in rituals, but they were also used to scent baths and bodies. Fragrances were even used in many cultures burial practices, most notably the ancient Egyptians. Perfumes were also used for purification purposes. The ancient Chinese and medieval Europeans believed that fragrance purified the air and prevented diseases. Ancient doctors would even use perfumes medicinally to treat infections and even mental illness.

Fast forward to today, where perfumes and fragrances are used by millions. Natural and synthetic ingredients are used to make rich perfumes that include several layers of scent and different complex notes. Find a wide variety of name-brand fragrances for both women and men at the Fragrance Depot. We carry it all – from the timeless classics to celebrity perfumes and colognes that range in price so there’s a scent for every budget. For more information on our products, give us a call today.

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