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Fragrance Review 2019-2020

15 sexiest cologne         for    men   2019

So after testing 97 colognes and spending 75 hours over the past 5 years, we have chosen the best colognes for men according to women.

Smell Great

Guys, you don't want something that smells good to a man – you want fragrances that drive women wild.

And since women reportedly have a greater sense of smell than men, what you need is a woman's input to help you choose the best mens cologne. As a bonus, researchers report wearing cologne will make you more fun to be around.

We've carefully selected the best colognes and used two reputable sources, Fragrancedepo & Amazon, to provide the assurance that they will be authentic.


number 15.  the best casual cologne

  • Clean, crisp, and fresh scent

  • Lasts all day long

  • Perfect for casual wear

  • 100% authentic & lower priced than department stor

  • As the summer months approach, you're going to be looking for a scent that's light, fresh, and clean smelling. Look no further as Gucci Guilty Eau's latest gives men a long-lasting cologne that's perfect for those casual, warm-weather activities we all enjoy. 

  • Scent: The freshness of the lemon, bergamot, and orange blossom are what give this cologne its fresh and crisp aroma – and it's what users love the most about it. It's rounded out with hints of orris and patchouli for a musky, wood finish.

  • Occasion: The consensus on this scent is that it's best for the spring and summer months, and is definitely best paired with casual wear. It should also be noted that many customers have labeled this cologne as "unisex" as this light and non-offensive cologne is loved and worn by both men and women.

  • Price: Pricing for this is on par with other Gucci scents. 

Number 14. best Cologne for warm weather

  • Fresh, aquatic scent

  • Perfect for when it gets warm out

  • Great value

  • 100% authentic & lower priced than department stores

This simple fragrance is perfect for the beach bum who wants a light, almost aquatic, scent to accompany them through a long day in the surf. This also happens to be a great value cologne from a brand known for producing high-quality materials.

Scent: Airy, light, and fresh are the words most commonly associated with this fragrance—all qualities which combine to give off that aquatic feel.

Occasion: This is definitely something you wear over the summer, while on vacation, or on a boat.

Price: Talk about a steal.

AZZARO 2.jpg


  • Smells like more popular and expensive colognes that everyone loves

  • Well-balanced sweet and citrus scent

  • Mature, natural fragrance

  • 100% authentic & lower priced than department stores

If you've run into other men's sweet-and-spicy men's fragrances that you liked, but weren't totally sold on (whether because of price or too synthetic of an aroma), Azzaro Wanted is a great one to try. Referred to as the "chameleon" of men's scents as its well-balanced fragrance is regularly compared to colognes like Invictus, but without the harshness or overpowering scent that many of them leave behind.

Scent: The balance of sweet and spicy of this fragrance is what customers love most about it. You start off with a good citrusy/minty blend, work your way into a deliciously sweet apple middle, and finish off with a rich woody base. 

Occasion: Because this scent gives off a natural and non-overpowering aroma, you can wear this pretty much anywhere, at anytime. It also lasts all day long, so you won't have to worry about reapplying it after a long day at the office or while out on the town with your lady friend. 

Price: Pricing is about on par with comparable scents.

creed aventus.jpg


  • Rich, fruity fragrance

  • Unique scent helps you get noticed

  • Don’t need to use a lot for a big impact

  • 100% authentic & lower priced than department stores

A highly unique, bold and memorable scent that lasts a long time. This luxury cologne is worth every penny if you want attention and to stand out.

Scent: If you’re looking to stand out, you’ve got to try this cologne. The scent is a mix of pineapple, black currant, and ambergris (the digestive gunk from inside sperm whales that smells amazing).

Occasion: Wear it whenever you want to get noticed: at the office, on a date, or in a crowd.

Price: While this is the most expensive cologne on our list, it’s not as pricey as it may seem since you don’t need to use much of this for it to smell good or to last.

JIMMY CHOO - Copy.jpg


  • Elegant and sophisticated

  • Light and not overpowering

  • Great for day or night

  • Jimmy Choo Man is a powerfully fresh and modern scent, created for a confident and refined man with a rebellious spirit. On top of that, the bottle is designed to look like an old flask, which we think is pretty cool too!

  • Scent: This cologne opens with aromatic and woody notes of lavender and mandarin softened by the fruity notes of honeydew melon, features mid-notes of pink pepper and geranium mixed with pineapple leaf, and finishes with a hint of patchouli, suede and amber.

  • Occasion: Man by Jimmy Choo is very versatile; suitable for either daytime wear or a night out and can be worn any time of year.

  • Price: $90 for a 3.3-ounce bottle is pretty reasonable for such a high quality cologne.


  • Airy and sensual

  • Mild and subtle

  • Scent more sophisticated than non-Blue version

  • 100% authentic & lower priced than department stores

A really nice, subtle scent that can be worn in almost any situation and projects just the right amount of sophistication.

Intended for charming, charismatic, and magnetic men, Seductive Homme Blue by Guess consists of aromatic, woody, and Fougere scents. It's a fairly new release from the brand, but it's already driving the women crazy. This price applies to the 3.4 fluid ounce bottle. Smells like cardamom milk, mandarin pulp, pink pepper, vanilla orchid, violet leaves, vetiver, patchouli, sandalwood, amber, and musk.

What Reviewers Say:

So what do other guys think? 

  • Very mild smell. Not overpowering. I'm sure others will vary, but I love it and I have about thirty bottles of designer cologne. But, I find this on the top of my favorites.

  • Excellent scent at an excellent price!!


  • Earthy, spicy scent

  • Perfect for cooler weather

  • Embodies class, sophistication, and style

Gentleman Only Absolute by Givenchy represents a modern tribute to the classic Givenchy Gentleman. Inspired by high fashion, this cologne is perfect for anyone looking to showcase their refined and elegant taste.

Scent: With this cologne, expect a spicy, woody, oriental composition. Pungent, slightly metallic, bergamont is the primary top note, followed by a warm trio of spices including nutmeg, cinnamon, and saffron. A sensual combination of sandalwood and vanilla provides a strong base for this cologne.

Occasion: Perfectly appropriate for either day or night, but definitely better suited for fall/winter.

Price: $47.76 for 1.7-ounce bottle is pretty average middle of the road compared to the other Faves on our list of best men’s colognes.


  • Strikes the perfect balance between freshness and strength

  • Excellent staying power

  • Masculine scent that’s not too overpowering

Launched by the design house of Yves Saint Laurent in the year 2017, this cologne was created with the new generation in mind and captures the spirit of youth, with the goal of offering millennials something new and different.

Scent: Expect top notes of white aldehydes, bergamont, lemon, pineapple, and ginger. Sage, geranium, and violet at the heart. And base notes of ambergris, incense, fir balsam, and cedar musk.

Occasion: Best for evening wear or special occasions.

Price: $75 for a 3.3-ounce bottle is actually very reasonable compared to a number of the other Faves on our list. Plus, a little goes a long way.


  • Woody and aromatic

  • Wonderful manly fragrance

  • Great price

Men love how manly this cologne makes them smell, and women can’t seem to get enough of it either. If you’re looking for a woodsy, almost tobacco-y, appropriate for any occasion, you should definitely consider giving this cologne a try.

Scent: Top notes of bergamot, sea notes, grapefruit, lemon, pear and apple; tied together with geranium, lavender, and rosemary; and with a finish of patchouli, labdanum, Tonka bean, and amber wood.

Occasion: Perfect for any occasion, day or night, and can be worn any time of year.

Price: At just over $100 this is not the cheapest cologne on our list, but given the 4.2-ounce bottle, this cologne will turn out to be a great value.


  • Very mellow scent

  • Masculine and sexy

  • Versatile scent with surprising hints of melon and pepper that pop u

Despite this cologne being dubbed "intense", customers actually prefer this one to other intense fragrances because of its mellow nature. Customers also rave about how masculine and sexy it is, some even going so far as to call it a "lady killer".

Scent: This interesting mix of lavender and honeydew up top, davana oil and spicy black pepper in the middle, and tonka beans as the base has customers raving about how masculine and sexy this aroma is.

Occasion: This is a pretty versatile scent, so you should be able to wear this wherever and whenever you want. While there is a summer-y melon upfront, the black pepper and tonka beans that round it out also make this a great scent for cooler temps.

Price: With this being a newer fragrance, you'll have to expect a price like this. However, if you like Invictus or Chanel Bleu and you can find them for cheaper, you may want to go that route as customers claim they all have the same exact scent profile.


  • Fresh, clean, profoundly sensual signature scent

  • Women truly flip over this fragrance

  • Classy and elegant

This traditional fragrance has a hint of something special. Women may not know what it is, but they do know that they want to be closer to it. If you're looking for something to showcase your good taste, but don't want anything too overpowering, this is the cologne for you.

Scent: Bleu by Chanel is a provocative blend of citrus and woods. It unites the invigorating zest of grapefruit and the power of an aromatic accord with the woody whisper of dry cedar. New Caledonian sandalwood lends it a warm and sensual trail. A meeting of strength and elegance.

Occasion: Definitely more of a nighttime scent, but could also pass for daytime too (though maybe not great for business casual or office wear). Also perfect for special occasions.

Price: The price is for the 1.7-ounce bottle (pretty expensive), but you can also find this in a 3.4 or 5-ounce size that would definitely help save you some money.


  • Fresh, vivid, and sensual

  • Woody with a touch of sweet

  • Stunning longevity

Introduced in Spring 2018, One Million Lucky is a pulsating and captivating scent of woody gourmand tones, perfect for the man who lives without limits and seizes his dreams.

Scent: Hazelnut enriches the woody elements, along with fresh ozone, honey, and Greengage plum for a touch of sweetness.

Occasion: Really can be worn for any occasion, but particularly appropriate for a night out. In fact, many reviewers say that this is the perfect cologne to wear out clubbing.

Price: Typically this cologne runs somewhere around $80 for 100-mL bottle. However, you can often find it for closer to $70. If you can snag it at that price, we highly recommend it. You will not regret giving this cologne a try.


  • Light, fresh, and clean

  • Excellent staying power

  • Expect lots of compliments when wearing this cologne

Suave, mysterious, and sensual, Sauvage by Dior provides a fresh take on the signature Dior scent.

Scent: Expect signature Dior scents of Bergamot, Sichuan Pepper, Lavender, and Ambroxan, but enriched with spices and warm, oriental tones of Star Anise, Nutmeg, and Papua Vanilla.

Occasion: Inspired by nighttime coolness and the magical hour of twilight, this is definitely more of evening scent.

Price: A little pricey but some say it's worth it.


  • Vibrant and sexy scent

  • Great for all occassions

  • Clean and perfectly balanced

As with all Versacefragrances, this one almost spells out virility. A perfect scent for any occasion, but definitely one of the manliest on our list.



9.5 / 10

Eros by Versace men's fragrance gives you a vibrant freshness with its top notes of mint leaves, green apple, and lemon zest. Rounded out by mid to low notes of tonka beans, amber, geranium, vanilla, cedarwood, vetyver, and oak moss.


9.5 / 10

Named after Eros, the Greek God of Love, this cologne translates to unconstrained passion and desire. Clean smelling, but not overpowering, this cologne is great for summer wear. However, it's subtle enough for just about any occasion, so you can wear it to work or on a romantic date.


9.5 / 10

This price is for the 1.7 fluid ounce bottle, which, while not cheap, is a steal for a cologne with such great staying power. That being said, at this price, we would recommend buying more than one, because, trust us, you will not want to run out.



  • Soft and sweet scent

  • Not overwhelmingly powerful and yet it's far-reaching

  • Women find it intoxicating

  • 100% authentic & lower priced than department stores

We think this cologne works year-round, anytime you’re looking to impress. This highly intoxicating scent strikes the perfect balance between soft and sweet while still giving off a distinctly masculine aroma.

This is a versatile scent that comes in layers. Cardamom (spicy) to start. Bergamot (sweet) comes next. And lavender (soft, relaxing) rounds it out. Wear this whenever, wherever.

Considering how well-received this cologne is (it’s a Nordstrom top seller), this price is an absolute steal.

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